Factors to consider when purchasing custom cabinetry

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Factors to consider when purchasing custom cabinetry

19 November 2015
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Cabinets have an absolutely vital role in the look of your kitchen. It affects how the kitchen feels, works and looks. While they may be one of the more costly components of your kitchen, custom cabinetry will provide a timeless look and will be extremely durable so they will last you for many years. There are many choices to consider when purchasing custom cabinets so here is some advice on how to help streamline that process.

Style and type

Custom cabinets will allow you to choose the design and style of your cabinets down to the last, tiny detail.  You can tailor them to your exact needs, whether it is the style, colour, texture, decoration and size that you wish to choose. This provides a unique look to your kitchen that is not replicated anywhere else. You are able to put your stamp on the design of the kitchen. Custom cabinetry will be handcrafted in order to fit the layout of your kitchen as well as meeting your storage and other lifestyle requirements.

There is no need to worry about any nooky corners or tight positioning as the custom made cabinets will fit in seamlessly. Cabinet doors that have panels which are recessed or raised in the frame are a great choice for a kitchen that has a classic feel. Cabinets without frames are better suited for smaller kitchens and fit in well with contemporary designs.

Finishes and materials

You have many options to choose from when it comes to the materials of the cabinets and their finishes. When you visit the custom cabinetry shop, you can examine all the different types of wood, metal, laminate, thermofoil and composite doors in order to figure out which material you like the most. When the type of materials have been decided, you can now figure out what finishing touches you will put on the cabinet in the form of colours and decoration. Some of the finishing options available to you include; stained, painted, glazed, distressed or antiqued.


When you are having cabinets built, you are planning on having them last long into the future, so it is worth paying the extra amount for top quality custom cabinetry.

When choosing the materials to be used for your cabinetry, get advice from the professionals you are dealing with as to which material would be best suited for your kitchen. For example, if you have young children, they could easily chip the cabinets if they are made from a soft wood. These are all considerations you need to discuss with your custom cabinetry professional, someone like Kurt Sander Ltd.